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Custom made covers and free stock photos.


Do you have a LGBT book you would like to promote on Moral Fortitude. We would love to promote and/or interview you.


Moral Fortitude publishes anthologies by LGBT writers from Wattpad. Supporting LGBT writers and offering valued experiences.

Beta Readers / Editors

Looking for a beta reader / editor or interested in becoming a beta reader or editor.

Welcome to Moral Fortitude.

What is Moral Fortitude – the mental and emotional strength, which enables courage in the face of adversary.

Moral Fortitude offers the promoting of published and self published LGBT writers, cover artists and services in one place.
Moral Fortitude can assist LGBT writers who would like to self publishing and want to start small before taking the bigger steps.
See the ‘Getting Start’ page – which will help you navigate your way through self publishing.
For further details or enquiries please contact Moral Fortitude.

Latest Blog

  The Summer Experience by Eli Summers Book 2 from the Seasons Experience Collection, The Summer Experience, is now available for pre-order. To celebrate the release on April 26, 2015, Eli is giving away copies of both The Winter Experience and The Summer Experience. Want your free copy before it’s officially released, here’s how you can […]

Social media is a fantastic tool to promote, not only yourself, but your books. There are many post around that talk about the pros and cons of using social media but with a professional approach you can use social media to your benefit. Which social media pages should I be using. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, […]

  Released end of last year, this is Catherine’s third independently published book called Find Me! SaveMe! Love Me? Lenard Malone is a wealthy heir and comes from money. Someone sees his chance and kidnaps the only son of Lenard Malone III, who refuses to pay a ransom. The longer he refuses to pay, the […]

There are always submissions available but knowing where to find them can often be the challenge. In the Services section of the website under Publishing Agencies you can select on any one of the Publishing companies and see there submission details. Sometime, submission calls come from other areas, one’s you may not take note in or miss. […]

LIGHTS – CAMERA – ACTION Ever thought about that one book you’ve written you believe would make a great movie. Well, here’s your change to promote your stories on a unique platform that allows you to share your vision with people inside and outside the movie industry. If List offers you the opportunity to visualise your […]

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