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Do you have a LGBT book you would like to promote on Moral Fortitude. We would love to promote and/or interview you.


Moral Fortitude publishes anthologies by LGBT writers from Wattpad. Supporting LGBT writers and offering valued experiences.

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Looking for a beta reader / editor or interested in becoming a beta reader or editor.

Welcome to Moral Fortitude.

What is Moral Fortitude – the mental and emotional strength, which enables courage in the face of adversary.

Moral Fortitude offers the promoting of published and self published LGBT writers, cover artists and services in one place.
Moral Fortitude can assist LGBT writers who would like to self publishing and want to start small before taking the bigger steps.
See the ‘Getting Start’ page – which will help you navigate your way through self publishing.
For further details or enquiries please contact Moral Fortitude.

Latest Blog

Queer Sci Fi is a website promoting LGBT characters in science fiction, fantasy and supernatural fiction. This year Queer Sci Fi have teamed up with Dreamspinner Press to host the second annual flash fiction anthology. This years theme is : Discovery Length : 300 words (any longer and stories will be rejected) Criteria : sci fi, fantasy, paranormal or […]

Two new stories written by Michelle Rae are available to read for free on Tablo. Betrayal Innocent, seventeen year old Cory discovers something about himself that makes him different from the rest of his family. An old generation bloodline has ascended upon the young teenager. It doesn’t take him long to realise with every full moon […]

              Love Unexpected by Christiann Hinds. Synopsis Kay is in the prime of her life! She’s a twenty-eight year old chef, owns a restaurant and a house, along with a car and a Harley-Davidson, her baby, and a very sizable bank account, all in Silver Lake, California. On top of […]

Hero is a fantasy story published on Wattpad by Adam Sigrist and made into a comic adaptation by artist, James Neish. The story follows Allal, a socialite from the sky. She’s confident, strong willed and living a good life. When Allal drags her best friend, Piph, to the surface, he reluctantly goes. When Piph’s concerns they will […]

by Michelle Rae. Having attended Room 801 over the weekend to discuss – self publishing with the intent to sell your ebooks – on a panel it got me thinking about other author’s experiences. For me the road to self publishing has been a progressive one. I started writing online in 2008 and in that […]

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