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Do you have a LGBTQI book you would like to promote on Moral Fortitude. We would love to promote and/or interview you.


Moral Fortitude publishes LGBTQI stories written by Wattpad authors. Supporting LGBTQI authors and offering valued experiences.

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Looking for a beta reader / editor or interested in becoming a beta reader or editor.

Welcome to Moral Fortitude.

What is Moral Fortitude – the mental and emotional strength, which enables courage in the face of adversary.

Moral Fortitude offers the promoting of published and self published LGBTQI authors, cover artists and services in one place.
Moral Fortitude can assist LGBTQI authors who would like to self publishing and want to start small before taking the bigger steps.
See the ‘Getting Start’ page – which will help you navigate your way through self publishing.
For further details or enquiries please contact Moral Fortitude.

Latest Blog

Alex Clifford, author of Man Soup: Sink or Swim has taken time to provide us with an enjoyable interview. Alex’s book Man Soup: Sink or Swin is about 21-year-old Ed leaves his English village for London on a quest for fame, fortune and sex. But as he starts to conquer the city he discovers his own […]

Harmony Ink Young Author Challenge 2016 Young authors aged between 14 – 21. Payment Ranges from $45 – $64 US Deadline May 1, 2016 Submission date : October 2016 Novella (15-44,999 words) or Novel (45,000 words and up) LGBTQ+ primary character between the ages of 14 and 21 Primary character shows significant personal growth through the […]

Release date : April 1, 2016 The Porn Star by Laura Warby Synopsis Alexander Oxford makes adult films.He’s one of the highest-paid stars ever employed by Digital Movie Studios. But he hates his work. He feels dirty, un-clean, sullied by the films he makes.And he’s lonely. Men expect so much from him when they realise […]

Vice Grip by Samantha Procida Synopsis: The day never comes and the monsters that go bump in the night run rampant throughout the world. Lark is seventeen and wants nothing more than to join his fellow rovers in protecting the human borders. He’s willing to give all of himself just to save his family and […]

Moral Fortitude would love to welcome Lianne here to promote her books Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite and A Proper Young Lady. Including a wonderful interview by Lianne below her book details and GIVEAWAY. Synopsis of Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite Confessions is set in the early 1970s. Jamie was born with one testis, one […]

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