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This one just blew me away and I wanted to get this posted so I could discuss this in more detail with other writers.

Social media is a great source of information and quite often I’m led to a web page that make me sit up wonder why it took me so long to notice.

Publishizer is a crowd funding based platform for writers who wish to publish their next book as a hardcover or ebook. Although the cost of purchasing either of these items is rather high in my opinion. $25 for a hardcover and $10 for an ebook, if your story is worth it, the reader is going to be prepared to purchase it. Would like to see a cheaper option for paperbacks as I’m not a fan of hardcover books but at the moment it appears hardcovers is the only option. As for the price of the ebook – $10 for you ebook might make for a hard sell, when you can name your own price on many of the other sites available for this platform.

The suggested cost for the crowding funding is around $5000 and covers a print run of 1000 copies, also an editor and designer for the cover, printing and delivery of your books.  This is great if you already have a fan base who were willing to purchase your book/s.

This option would be great for an already marketable authors who has taken the leap into self-publishing and wants to make a bigger leap in the world of hardcover books rather than ebooks.