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Outlander Leander is an LGBT friendly Young Adult series.

Centred in three cities Nagdecht, Geuran and Rhodaren and the dangerous forest, Lyruna, located on Pressea.

Pressea is based on 14 months in a year, where the months are numbered not named. The months only five days in a week, 27 days in a month and 378 days in a year.

Eisah has created a wonderful world; in which her young hero, Leander, takes on the adventure of a lifetime.

Flute of the Wind Queen: A young man on another planet, Leander, decides that it’s time to follow his dreams when his dad is deployed to defend the border. Unfortunately, on his first attempt to find a relic, he discovers that it’s been stolen by the hostile neighboring country. Light-hearted, fun, and containing full-page color illustrations, Flute of the Wind Queen is a fast-paced adventure.

Coronation Necklace: A year after the first book, Leander feels used by Ellora and wonders if she’ll ever give him real work. Just when he’s ready to walk away, she tells him whereabouts of a royal necklace that had been stolen decades ago. A group of black marketeers has gotten their hands on it.
Getting it is no easy task, though, as Leander discovers just how dangerous they can be when he comes face to face with an axe-wielding murderer. He’s hesitant to risk his life for jewelry, but when Valli disappears he’s trapped dodging both criminals and soldiers in order to find his friend.

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Author’s Bio: A human being living on Earth.