Social media is a fantastic tool to promote, not only yourself, but your books.

There are many post around that talk about the pros and cons of using social media but with a professional approach you can use social media to your benefit.

Which social media pages should I be using.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, the list goes on. Use only those you are comfortable with or use them all, and rather than posting individually, many of these social media sites, in their settings, allow to link to other social media pages. Meaning you only have to post once. There is also the option on some social media pages to schedule posts. If you have several things you want to say, consider scheduling posts to appear throughout the day or week. This can be a great way to free up time.

TIP : Using Google+ has an advantage many don’t know about. Thanks to Derek Haines and his post My Books Aren’t Selling – 10 Actions You Can Take (which I recommend you all read) he had this to say –

Every time you post on Google+, it is indexed by Google Search, and with your profile image! But here’s the big tip. When you post on Google+, make sure you create a headline. To do this, put a star at the beginning and end of your headline, then add your text. Example: *This Is My Headline*. Now it will appear in bold, and be indexed by Google in a flash.

Using a website or blog to post to social media.

If you have a website or blog, use it. In the settings there is quite likely the option to add all your social media links. This means your blog is constantly kept up to date and all your social media pages are always posting something. Even if it’s the same post on all social media pages, guaranteed you’ll have a varying range of followers on each social media page, so it pays to post the same thing on all sites.

If your website or blog is sorely neglected but you regularly post on social media now is the time to readdress that. You might read something of interest you might like to share, have a favourite author or have started writing a new book. No matter have big or small your posts are, continually posting on your blog will eventually pay off. If you give up, so too will your readers / followers.

TIP : If you’re writing one post, why not write several and schedule the others in to appear weekly. You might write four post in one sitting but have them published once a week for four weeks. Those four weeks of posting, you don’t need to think about and your blog in active, your social media is active, and you can get focused on writing you next book.

Is there one social media site better than the others. 

What might work for you, may not work for another. There are authors who will prefer one social media site over another and by using them, you will find the right one for you.

I use four social media platforms.

Facebook – I’ve been using Facebook the longest, however my friends does not grow very quickly and most of my friends are follow author’s. This has it’s good and bad points and what you want to attempt with social media is reach as many of your readers as your can.

Tumblr – I don’t find as many author’s using Tumblr. I use it because I follow a large number of artist and Tumblr is the best place for this.

Twitter – I’ve only recently relented and joined Twitter. To my surprise I began getting quite a number of followers. People who do not know me or what I do. I found this strange but have since discovered some of these followers are no longer following me. What I also found was by following authors, publishers and review pages, they would follow back and this I feel will give me more exposure that what I would get on Facebook.

Google+ – What I’ve enjoyed most about Google+ is the communities. They are big, offer great opportunities to promote your book and as mentioned above, the little trick to get on top of google search list is great. Getting followers is slow and it’s almost like Twitter, in that you have to follow people to get followers back. I also don’t feel like there are as many using of Google+ as the other social media platforms but that makes it more exclusive.

Do you have a preferred social media platform you use?
What experiences have you had with social media and any tips you might share that have helped you promote yourself and your books?