I thought it only fair to come back and review this review after Tablo have made some changes to their site.

Ash Davies, CEO of Tablo has sent me some wonderful emails regarding the direction of Tablo and I must say I am extremely excited.

(11/11/14 – Once again I have edited this review – rather than delete text I have strikes through that which is no longer relevant)


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I came across Tablo through Facebook and thought I’d look into it and see what it can offer self published authors.

The idea is great and for those who are currently using Fiction Press or Wattpad, this site may interest you.

Tablo is free to sign up to.

It allows authors to publish chapters to their stories, gather followers, create, join and post to groups.

Start with you’re profile page – it allows you to include social media links, bio and photos (both profile and dashboard).
You have several different tabs – Books – Groups (anyone can create a group and anyone can join that group) – Following – Followers. There is also a word count (no sure why).
There are no stats for the number of reads, (number of reads has now been added) nor can you favourite books (function now available) or add to a personal library.
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Creating a new book is easy but you’ll need to play around with adding chapters and going back and for before getting a clear understanding on who it works.
But that’s not to say it’s hard. All new platforms have an element of uncertainly when it’s new. One interesting thing a new book offers is a work limit. You can select how many words your book is going to have and aim for that number of words.

Also there is the a Smartypants score – if anyone is familiar with what this means please let me know. (now know what this means. All writers currently received 83%)

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To add a new book – select the red NEW BOOK button top right hand corner.

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When you chapters have been published, a green dot will be indicated. If they have not an orange dot. To publish return to chapter and in the bottom right had corner there will be a button to update your story.


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You can leave comments but not sure if they are to a particular chapter or the entire book in general. Comments appear to the right of the book  you are reading and from what I can tell they are running comments . Comments is done through Disqus. A common method of posting comments used on most websites and I enjoy using Disqus. Signing up to Disqus is free and you have a record of all the comments you have made on any site who uses it.

The one important thing missing, and which I found frustrating – no search feature. I could not look up anything. And although there is a large list of genres you can select for your book, there is no way of looking at another book within that genre.


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There is a large choice of genres but alas no LGBT. That isn’t to say there will not be one in the future.


Tablo offers authors the opportunity to publish their completed book to Amazon or iBooks straight from Tablo.

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The steps to do this seem easy enough. I haven’t and won’t publish through Tablo, only because the way it is set up is not clearly defined. They take a 20% royalty payment for every book sold. What’s not clear is if this is on top on the royalties Amazon and iBooks takes. It could leave the author having to charge more for their book to make it profitable. Or if Tablo are publishing your book on your behalf, is the 20% royalty the only fee you pay. These are a few things that need to be made clearer.

The other thing all authors need to consider, and not mentioned on Tablo, is publishing to Amazon, you require an ITIN. Again, if Tablo intend to publish on your behalf with a 20% royalty, what are the requirements. Before selling your books through Tablo I would carefully read the Terms and Conditions. (Terms and conditioner have now been included and clearly explain what Tablo offers the writer)

The other thing I’m not clear on is something called – Plans and Subscriptions. (this has been removed, replaced with the 20% royalty)
I have no idea what these are for. From what I can gather, you can pay a basic, premium or publisher monthly fee for Tablo to publish your book. This on top of the 20% royalty – it’s just not clear enough or I just don’t understand what it is they are offering that is worth me using and paying for. I’m also not sure that I would want to pay a monthly basic fee for the publication of one book. There is no financial benefit in doing that for an author, regardless of the benefits Tablo may be offering.

If you are looking for another site to publish you books for free I would definitely give Tablo a go but as for publishing with them – I would recommend waiting for their Terms and Services to be published and go from there. Unless you don’t have to do anything but write and received payments for doing so – this site could be perfect – but I can’t see it being like that.

Still a lot needs to be clarified but while waiting give it go.

The only other concerns I have with this platform I want to mention is if it becomes successful, and I don’t doubt it won’t, it will allow may second rate, poorly written books to be published. And as we know self published authors get a bashing as it is. Is Tablo going to make it worse. We shall see.

To visit the site click here – TABLO